Brand safety drives need to measure digital advertising beyond the click

Basing digital media ROI on pure performance metrics is no longer cutting it for advertisers as brand safety and responsible marketing practices increasingly take centre stage.

That’s the view of GroupM APAC investment director, John Miskelly, who joined Twitter global head of brand safety strategy, Caitlin Rush, for a session yesterday held by the social media platform around ongoing efforts to improve brand safety for advertisers.

Speaking from his experiences of the early days of digital media buying, Miskelly said the genesis of an advertising approach was performance, or “dollar in, dollar out”.

“It was highly countable – though not necessarily accountable – and advertisers could measure what was deemed to be the ROI of performance of their campaigns. That’s not good enough anymore for advertisers,” he said. “It’s not only a case of performing well. Advertisers also want to make sure they’re investing responsibly, as well as rewarding publishing platforms trying to do the right thing.

“Everyone wants to crack measurement beyond clicks and acquisition.”

In response, GroupM globally has created a Responsible Investment media buying framework to try and tackle this issue.

“What we’re trying to do is go beyond performance and factor in other metrics to how we measure the quality of placements that prove platforms and publishers are doing right thing from an environmental, social and corporate governance perspective,” Miskelly said. “As we make sure we allocate dollars, we want to factor that in, rather than just the output of cost per acquisition or cost per click.”